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Technical Inspection
visual scan by drone

Visual Inspection

Technical inspection and monitoring of preventive action and for dammage documentation:
- industrial aerial inspection services and survey (electrical over land wireing, bridges ...)
- industrial assets survey (pipelines, refinery, chemical industry shutdwon...); ATEX zones by drone - insurance records
- your roof
- architecture documentation
- construction survey
- agriculture
We tested successfully the first chimney interior drone inspection flight at the colliery Zollverein Essen in Germany. The German TV WDR was attending to this unique event on 29/3/2017 . Read more here .

IR detection by drone

Thermography / Thermal imaging

Thermography by multicopter: Detection of radiation in the infrared range and production of images due to the calculation of the temperature of different objects. For industrial or private customers.
- Photovoltaic panels / solar systems
- wind turbines / rotor blade inspection
- buildings & houses, roofs
- district heating pipes
- hunting
Among other, the following defects can be detected: hot spot, humidity, e.g. in the solar modules, cracks and holes, insulation problems ...

Photogrammetry UAV - 3D
3D Scanning

Mapping / Cartography by Photogrammetry

Georeferenced maps and views by drone:
- volumentric calculation / surface calclation
- soil removal / landfill
- topographical photography
- archeology
- report supporting
- replacement of laser scanner
- mapping CAD

3D Scan by UAV
3D Scanning

3D scan

- easy and costeffective 3D scaning
- 3D-objects, buildings, landscapes for architects
- technical detail inspection and documentation
- insurance supports
- digital documentation for restauration projects
- virtual 3D views

Image Clips
Drone aerial Video Clips


Arial and ground based filming, e.g. video and photography editing, RAW or completly post mastered:
- Company imaging clips by drone (also interior)
- company corporate clips
- touristic attractions
- museum and tourists areas clips
- private happenings & wedding events

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Our best shots 2016

Showreel drone
Showreel 2017-2018

Showreel 2017-2018

Our best shots 2017-2018

1.chemny inside flight 29/3/2017

In the media

On the 29th of March 2017, the first interior chimney flight of a drone took place for testing the visual inspection ut to the height of 50m and 80m. The successful trial was conducted with the German Television, the WDR on the site of the old Coil Mine "ZecheZollverein" in Essen / Germany.

Aerial Videos & Photography

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Drone Lift Off Panoramas

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About DLO

Our Service
The Drone Lift Of Team

Our Service

Our business is video aerial filming & photography editings, especially when drone equipement is required. Our activity area is North of Germany / Hamburg via Lyon / France to the South to the French Riviera Saint Tropez / Sainte Maxime:

- IR / Thermography

- Cartography and topology

- 3D-Scan

- Visual inspection

- Media projects

Our Equipment
Jane Helf

Our Equipment

Security is above all our rules. Our equipment is state of the art. In our opinion the DJI copters are the most adapted UAS for aerial video, MikroKopter and Sony cameras for aerial photography taking.
4.096 x 2.160 @ max. 25p - video 4K
3.840 x 2.160 @ max. 30p - video 4K
3.840 x 2.160 @ max. 30p - video 2.7K
1.920 x 1.080 @ max. 120p - video FullHD
1.280 x 720 @ max. 60p - video
4.000 x 3.000 / 12 MegaPix max - photography
6.000 x 4.000 / 24 MegaPix max - photography
We use professionel post video editing tools.

Who are we ?
Joshua Insanus

Our Team

We respect carefully all rules and regulations of the french DGAC and the German DFS.

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Information Drone Lift Off

Technical Insepction, Aerial Videos and Photography

Stunning aerial drone filming and photography bring added value to your social media: internet, corporate video, film and cinematography. On the other hand we can provide cost reduction for the agriculture and detailled documentation for the archeology sector. Check out the efficency of the mounted solar panels (theromgraphy).

Substitute expensive helicopter flights and camera cranes by drone filming and aerial video shots. Helicopters have to stay in the upper aerea of 150m, whereas our drones can make vibration free shots from 1m up to 100/150m (depending on the on filed regulations).